Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Baby this night's for us...

that night i held tight to your arm
and asked you to come with me
that there was room on the way back
i couldn't look into your eyes
i felt guilty for wanting more
and your deep pools
felt so threatening

my breath got short mid-sentence
and i found it hard to
get the words out
feeling so inadequate
and so unattractive in comparison
i felt sick and thrilled at the
same time

your voice poured out of your
mouth like cream
and i couldn't help but
want those lips on mine
I "aint been sexin' kitten"
but I would right about now

the guilt seems unbearable
that your voice won't quit my mind
and that touch seems so far gone now
but I am not sure I would
go so far again

i liked you better untouchable
and far away
with your confidence and perfection
on stage
and not imperfect
like you were that night

too bad nothing ignited
but i have so much happiness
at home
that my disappointment
will be over run with joy
when i return tonight


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