Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Fierce Friendship

our fierce friendship
ignited rapidly,
and more powerful
than i had thought
i felt ever

binge hangouts
constant turmoil
with him
but not with us
recurring cries on
my shoulder
bleeding heart
crying wolf

you left at 10
august 7th
left my side
as if you had
done your duty
and left with him
and his tempered lies
once again

recalling the day
that guy you knew
hit you
in the face, and i cried
and worried
and told my mom

you dropped all charges
and lied in court
for all the wrong reasons
and you stumbled and
stepped off
that pedestal
i put you on

consenting to his
you went to that clinic
and i watched our friendship
die that day
and i couldn’t believe
it would end like this

it’s been months since
we have spoken
it’s too hard to
keep this friendship
i loved you too much
too see you change
from that to this


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